Association Montrealaise des Familles de San Mango                           Associazione Montrealese delle Famiglie di S. Mango


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San Teodoro (patron saint)
San Teodoro (patron saint)


San Teodoro di Amasea, Santo Patronale del Comune di San Mango Sul Calore


San Teodoro was a Roman Soldier during the time of Caesar Galerio (293-305). San Teodoro  refused to persecute Christians and after being tortured was condemned to be burnt alive.  However, the legend explains that San Teodoro di not feel the suffering of the flames, died without pain and became a Martyr.  


The San Teodoro Church in San Mango was completely destroyed during the November 23rd, 1980 devastating earthquake in Italy. Miraculously, the main statue of San Teodoro containing relics of  his fingers  remained intact and the church was rebuilt. San Teodoro is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of August (in Italy)





Adminstration/ Il direttivo

Presidente : Enrica Uva

Vice-Presidente: Antoinetta Prizio

Tesoriere : Carmine Catino

Segretaria: Elisa Giannitti

Consigliere: Sam Cipolla

Consigliere: Tony Fraschetti

Consigliere: Giuseppe Pompeo

Custode di San Teodoro: Umberto Catino




Founded: September 30, 1974 (Quebec)




Mission of Our Association:  

To share our culture, our traditions, foster communication, cooperation and friendship among community members and promote the participation of members in cultural and other community events.


Membership in Canada: approximately 100 families


We encourage you to check the calendar of upcoming events and media section of the site.    




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